Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can beginners go to any class or should I start with a beginner series?

Yes, however if you have never done yoga before then it is highly recommended to start with a beginner series.  This will give you time to get your whole body system used to the increased prana(breath and life force energy) that flows.  For some people a little bit of yoga can be a lot and for others a lot of yoga can seem like a little.  A beginner series will give you time to access where you are and get to know yourself with respect to the practices.  Then, when you do go to a regular paced class you will have more confidence and awareness to push yourself or ease up as is best for you.  Beginner series will also help a new person have some expectations to the flow of a regular class as there is minimal time in a regular class with experienced students to explain beginner class structure with any depth.

2.  Can I drop in classes or should I call ahead?

All regular classes are drop in based.  Special workshops will be specifically noted with any pre-register requirements.

3.  Do I need to bring my own yoga mat?

We have a nice supply of yoga mats & blankets.  It is always a good idea to bring your own when you can just in case supply runs low during large class attendance.

2.  What should I wear?

Dress comfortable for both movement and sitting for meditation.  There are some items that you may want to explore at some point that can support the practice included: 

3.  Why do teachers wear white?

Teachers were natural fiber white clothing to support the essence of purity.  This practice also supports the expansion of the auric field which supports the energetic aspect of the practice.  Great for anyone who feels called to explore this practice.  The teachers also wear a head covering which helps to support the energetic field while teaching and in deep meditation.  

4. What is the class structure like for a regular Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Class?

See class


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