July 2020 Class Calendar

All weekly classes are Pay What You Can style. 

Suggested contribution of $5-15 per class.

*Special Non-Weekly Events will be noted with date of event.

We are not quite ready for fully opening.  This month there will be a few in studio options as well as more online shorter pop-up classes.  Please visit our Video Classes Page to catch up on a class with our reduced schedule.  Stay tuned for big changes beginning August 1st.




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No Classes Currently


Viniyoga for Back Health with Christina Gerdes

6 to 7:15pm  Studio will be open and the number of students in studio will be limited to approx 7 to keep recommended social distancing.


No Classes currently


No Classes currently.


No Classes currently.




Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Class (1.5hr)

10 to 11:30am (Kathy Wheeler or Michael Lott) 


No Classes currently.


Class Descriptions

Kundalini Yoga Beginner SeriesClass series designed to support brand new students or refresh those that have not taken a class in some time.  These are also good for students who have never taken yoga before or who have participated in some online classes or in a class that never received training on basic practices .  We start from the basics and slowly build up your comfort over 6-8 weeks to join any class.

Foundations Kundalini Yoga & MeditationThis class is great for students newer to Kundalini Yoga and desire to keep building their foundational yoga and meditation skills.  Would be great for those that complete a beginner series or want to keep learning and focusing on foundational practices.

Classic Kundalini Yoga & Meditation ClassThis class follows the flow of a typical Kundalini Yoga Class.  It is for all levels, however, if you have never taken a Kundalini yoga class before we recommend you start with a Beginner Series or foundations class.  This class can be fairly intensive at times but always modifiable.  Note: the longer the class (typically) the more intensive.  (A 1 hr class will be more gentle then a 1.5 hr class)


- Typical Kundalini Class flow:  Intro/Tune-In, Prana/Breath Practice 3-5min, Warm-ups 5-15min, Kriya(yoga set for the day designed for a specific purpose) 30-75 min, Rest/Layout (Sometimes with Gong Bath)5-15 min, Final Meditation 11-31min, Closing blessing.    

Kundalini Meditation ClassThis class is focused on Kundalini Meditations.  If you ever have questions about this please call/email the center.  Typical Class flow:  Intro/Tune-In, Breath/Practice &/or some short physical warm up to prep the body for sitting, Meditation 11-31min and technique will vary,  May also include a gong bath /sound healing. Closing blessing. (30min + class - see schedule)

Viniyoga for BackThis is a slow flow class that emphasizes poses to help improve posture, strengthen core muscles, alleviate neck and back pain and lengthen and decompress the spine. This class uses breath to both facilitate the action of the pose and feel the effects of the pose. Safe for all yoga students, whether you have pore posture, back pain or just want to prevent both. You will leave class standing straighter and feeling stronger and relieved.


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